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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And here's bringing Bora Bora & Tahiti to the top!

Lucky fishes- they get to swim in paradise, all day long!

A Coral Reef on an island in Tahiti

Now that's what I call a 'Hammock in Heaven'- Priceless

A Lagoon in Bora Bora
So, I have this To Go list. In case, you are thinking, it's not a list of sandwiches that I need to get for the offsite from TOGO's yaar, it's my own personal places to go list complete with all type of information that I've collected about that place. A colleague just got back from his honeymoon in Bora Bora and Tahiti and shared some pictures. Ahh the pictures were all it took for me to get these two places somewhere on my top 10 list.

BTW, is anyone wondering why this post is so short? That's coz a picture is worth a 1000 words, that's 4000 + words for you. Okay fine, that was a lame one but I am so lost in the pictures right now, the brain doesn't have any more RAM left for generating humor.

PS: Somewhere in my (near) future I can clearly see bora bora and tahiti. For the year end though, I am driving down here. Here's hoping all of you have a fantastic start to 2007. Cheers!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Eight Wonders

Such a magnanimous title I've given to this post. This is what is called the height of raising expectations and then making someone fall down with a loud crash. Maaf karo yaar, I couldn't think of a better title.

Sudipta tagged me to write eight things about myself. Now, this one sounds difficult just like those open book exams in graduate school, which were the most difficult of all. This one is very open ended, a seemingly innocent sounding tag.

But my grey cells are tired abhi se thinking of eight random things about me. No, I’ve not rented out my brain to someone else today. Blame it on the Monday. So, I am going to do a little cheating, thodaaa saaa. I am going to look above in my profile and borrow a few things from there and write about them. Good idea? Thik hai, here I go:

1. When I was in school, my favorite subject was Math and I sucked at it big time. Now, this sounds unbelievable since we are taught earlier on in life that when we do something that we really love, and try hard enough, we succeed. Obviously, there are exceptions to this hypothesis. I loved math with all my heart- it awed me, made me laugh with its logic, and then loud dhumppp (that's me falling on the floor looking at my mid-term grades) and crash + thunder (that's my parents reaction). As you guessed it already, it was a one sided love affair. Like a rejected lover, I tried and tried to win the love of my beloved, and then finally after years of this depressing chase, I was rewarded when my love showered me with results- Ahh, it felt like heaven to see that 9 come a spot ahead (as in 94) instead of the spot after (as in 49).

2. I love jasmine flowers. The smell is intoxicating and I think it is what heaven must smell like (Not that I am in any hurry to experience that, yeh to mera imagination hai yaar). We have a jasmine plant in our garden back home and it is some special variety that blooms right after the first rains of the season. Divine :)

3. I admire die-hard optimistic people. Realists are boring and Pessimists are cynical. But optimists? They make the world an interesting place to live in with their positive energy and their never-say-die attitude. Personally, I swing between being an optimist and a realist. I can rarely come out tops after being really down in the dumps. Sometimes my attitude doesn't give me the push I need. I'm working on being the die-hard optimist that I so admire in a few people around me. Yeh bhi hoga :)

4. There is something about eating chocolate ice cream at midnight. It turns into something tastier, and more irresistible. I've experienced this so many times, I am almost certain there is a chemical reaction that takes place in chocolate icecream every night at 12, something like cinderella's slippers or some such cutsie thingy ;) Try it.

5. Swimming makes me go wild. I don't need no hard drinks to do that to me. Just give me H20, lots of it, and all around me and I cannot resist the urge to just jump in and swim till I am so hungry I can eat a tub of chocolate ice-cream. I like everything with pristine clear water associated with it- waterfalls, cute little water fountains, rains, the gorgeous caribbean.

6. Ever heard that the full moon can make you a lunatic? I've got proof. Yes it does. I go crazy whenever I see the full moon. Naah, daarna manaa hai yaar, I don't metamorphosize into some wild wolf or anything (though that would be damn cool). I just feel a certain kind of high when I look at the full moon for a long long time. I feel a definite pull and feel lighter for some reason. It's like there is a supernatural force acting on me. Muaaahhhahahaha darr gaye na? Just kidding, its just that I love to lie around under a full moon, its just very romantic. Simple :)

7. Dancing is a way of expression for me. Probably the best way that I express myself. I am no Madhuri with her perfect moves or one of those divas of miss universe; but I just enjoy myself so much when I dance that it makes everyone around me kinda go nuts too. I just let go and let the music guide me. No thinking. No complications. Nothing technical. Just pure bliss :)

8. I get really hungry at 12.29 PM every day. Like precisely at the same time. It’s like magic. I get drawn out of my chair and inside the café in seconds. And the first bite goes inside the mouth at 12.29.00 , Not a second late, not a second early.

The last one, I just pulled it right out of my hat, was just kidding, couldn't think of anything else!

Such a freaky dame this one is. She sounds like whacky and stupid all rolled into one, Do I hear this playing in your minds huh?! Now, there goes my uncontrollable fit of laughter again :)

I tag: alan, rai, the lonely traveller, bhuvanesh, di, and inder.

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PS: I am in the process of adding bloggers to my blogroll. I started with much gusto today morning but my manager spoiled it all by giving me loads of work. That's called the 'New Worker Risk', everyone seems to take advantage of your majburi just because you are a new bakra at the company. So if some of you don't see your names on the roll, don't feel offended and run after me like Darr ka SRK. I am going to have all you lovely people up very soon :)

PPS: Made good use of a part of my Saturday afternoon. Blogroll complete. Yay!