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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Picture Perfect Moment Part 2

A lot of blogger friends have been asking "What happened next?" after reading Picture Perfect Moment Part 1 featuring the one and only Hot Surfer Guy (HSG). Yaar kitne berahem ho, I fell down, became ghayal not with the first nazar but like really ghayal literally and all you guys can think about is what happened next. But as roothaaaaa as I may sound, I'm nottttttt, so here comes part doojaaaaaa ;)

So even though I had never felt this embarrased in my life, I knew that courageous was the way to be in front of such a handsome and adventurous dude.

He: Oh My God!! Are you okay?
Me: Hell ya, I am more than just okay!! (with twinkling eyes et all)
He: So, what just happened? Did you just lose balance and fall?
Me: (Thinking fast- here's my chance to salvage my ruined reputation) Oh, he he, I didn't fall down!! I do these exercises for fun all the time. That was a tough one with the 15 ft height and all and I guess I didn't land too well, you know, lost my balance a bit, but that was fun!
He: Aahaa! Well, that was very impressive, I am just concerned about the blood coming out of your left hand though...is this also common during such stunts that you perform?
Me: What's life without a little adventure (with my most endearing + stylish + sexy look)
He: Incredible! (looking genuinely impressed)
Me: :)
He: :)
Me: (Aur yeh aaya first date with hunk ka invitation)
He: Hmmm, beautiful day, do you...do you

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Yeh kya ho gaya, how did you fall down, are you okay, did you bruise yourself? Arre koi jaake first aid kit le aao, Just see how injured she is.

Irrelevant advice alert: Friends are important in life. But sometimes, the timing with which they enter and reenter your life can be disastrous for the health of your romantic life.

And I swear the cut on my hand was barely half an inch long.

It was pure tragedy when 6 of my friends decided to wake up, get ready, run 2 miles, AND reach the exact spot where I was standing with HSG at the precise moment when he would have uttered some incredibly magical words. They stormed into my life at this a really fragile moment.

And I am sure you know it doesn't take much to scare off a hot surfer when there are six noisy and sympathetic women hovering over a single dazed woman's bleeding hand.

Music: Still Immersed in - Aye Hairate Aashiqui Jaga Mat from Guru- This song refuses to leave me. I keep humming it and I like how it sounds in my voice!

Mood: Hating Winter Mood

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Picture Perfect Moment

She woke up refreshed and after many months she had seen the 9.00 AM on her cell phone while still lying sleepily in bed. She loved the feeling of a full night's sleep. No project deadlines, no 7 AM meetings. As she got up to walk to the verandah, she could feel the energy within herself. Ahh, what a good night's sleep could do. Ahh, life was good!

Outside, a cool wind was blowing on this unusually hot December day. The sky was clear and the fushcia bouganvillea against the deep blue ocean backdrop looked gorgeous. Indeed, it was a picture perfect day. Not wanting to miss a single minute of this breathtakingly beautiful day, she ran inside the room and into the shower and was out in no time.

Wearing her summery peasant top and a pair of shorts- [how thrilling is it?- wearing cool, light, summery clothes on new year's eve!] she headed out and towards the water.

As she ran towards the water, she couldn't wait to feel it on her feet. The water was biting cold. Ouch!! Suddenly she realized that the pacific can never be as inviting as the caribbean. Smiling, she started climbing up the narrow clay road that led up to a small park. Taking out her camera, she focussed her attention on a bunch of yellow roses and clicked.

After several more pictures, something in the water below caught her attention. He was moving sleathily with amazing grace, bending down on the surf board traveling the whole length of the wave- speed and precision all rolled into perfection right in front of her eyes.

As soon as he finished riding the wave and crashed down into the water, she clapped gleefully and whisled noisily; like a kid at the circus. He did it again and yet again and everytime after he finished, she clapped with as much enthusiasm as the first time.

And then it happened. She saw him coming out of the water towards her. She took a few steps forward too; casually and stylishly walking towards the windy clay road. And then just as their eyes met, she fell--not in love-- but 15 feet below on the beach.

Confession time- I've never stared at a man (or anyone/anything for that matter) and lost balance (literally) ever before. I would like to think I just lost balance and slipped. But, I think I was just ogling too hard and lost all sense of place and time. Thank God for the sandy beach.

Everything said and done, haaye woh nazar ka milna, it was truly qaatil :)

Music: Aye Hairate Aashiqui Jaga Mat from Guru
Mood: Missing India Mood

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

77 felt good after 33

Santa Barbara was sunny and more importantly warm ( ~77 degrees). We went running on the beach everyday.

We watched a bunch of surfers one day. Here's a picture of a surfer in motion and for those of you who have seen ice skating; surfing I thought resembled it- the angle of the bodies, the rhythm of one's body that coordinated with the rhythm of the waves, and the grace with which the surfers rode the waves was impressive. After watching these guys in action, I put surfing on my to-do list for life.

I made friends with a real hot surfer who was riding confidently on the waves- he had the cutest dimpled smile and the most amazing baritone voice.

Hope all of you had a lovely beginning to 2007. Cheers to Sun, Santa Barbara and Surfing ;)

Music: Piya haji ali from Fiza
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