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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yeh ladka haye allah!

So a really good friend of mine met me on messenger yesterday. Though I was chatting with my manager on IM, taking a call about a maha boring release next month; and eating a juicy orange--I jumped with joy seeing this particular friend pinging me nice and early in the morning.

It was cause for joy, this friend of mine (hence forth refered to as K) had almost disappeared since her marriage six months back. Before that, during her courtship period, we exchanged a lot of emails and met up a few times to share her nice khatti mithi baatein on chat.

So yesterday when she pinged me I was waiting to hear some more chatpati baatein from her about her really romantic married life. Though, what I got was some rukhi sukhi dukhi kahani!

For starters, here's the story so far-- K met M about a couple years back through a family friend and it was a typical arranged marriage with the ladki dekho ceremony and the ice cream and the hot steaming pakoras and all those good things.

After a few of such meetings, they finally decided they had enough oily namkeens and got engaged. And then, in her own words, it was bliss. Hours were spent on the phone, talking about how perfect they were for each other. Evenings were spent going for long walks in parks and watching the sunset together. Aur dekhte hi dekhte D day aa hi gaya. They got married and went off to an exotic island for their honeymoon.

Aur yeh rahi yesterday's conversation snippet:

K- Hi, do you have some time to talk?
Me- Hieeeeeeeeeeee :D, Long time buddy, kaha thi tuuuuuu (yeh raha tera virtual thappad!) lol
K- :) sorry yaar, I was very busy, just aise hi
Me- Busy, ahhaaaaa, kab de rahi hai khush khabar ;)
K- Chod na yaar, are you busy now or can we chat?
Me- Not busy at all (hope the engineers on the call and my manager didn't hear that- I don't want the 79 ft scenario again, very soon in my life :-/)
K- Just wanted to talk to you about something personal
Me- Sure dear, tell me

The rest of the conversation was between the two of us so wouldn't want to share it here, but the crux of the matter was that K pointed out an issue she had with her husband M that irritated her to no end. All through her courtship period, K observed that M always paid her all the attention. Even when they were out anywhere and she saw the hottest of women pass them by; M's attention never wavered away from her face. Never did he look at any other women when he was around her--it was as if the world was made up of little children, men, and unbelievably old grandmotherly type ladies. There existed just one young beautiful girl in this whole wide world and her name was K.

This ridiculously hilarious picture was shattered after a few days of their marriage when she found M checking out women who looked like clones of Bipasha Basu. After a couple months more checking out continued (it was more like ogling K insisted), when M brought his standard down by looking at clones of Divya Dutta as well.

So, that is the story of M and K. And here's the big question in K's mind. Why do men look when they know that they have safely conquered the woman's heart and she is now under umar qaid = marriage? Why do they make her feel like the hottest girl on the planet during courtship and then make her feel like she resembles Lalita Pawar's daughter after marriage? What changes?

My simple answer for her was: It's their genes. Men have to look, its coded into their DNA. It is really hard for them not to have a roving eye but they somehow manage to successfully do this in the wooing phase. Once that is over, they breathe out and start living their normal life again--- how? By checking out every single eve on their radar :)

What do you think?

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