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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of Hibernation Rights and Birth Rights

If bears can hibernate in winter, why can't my blog hibernate in summer?

Arre sorry bhai, announcement thoda hindi filmi police jaisa late hai par I was away from the blog for a while coz of Summer-- go tell her, she is to blame :p (BTW, I think Summer is a gal coz each Summer has her own unique essences, her own vibrance and her own set of moods AND when she is sweltering and hot, she makes every guy come out and show off his abs!)

I also want to say a big thank you to Daddy's Girl for writing this. Meri rukhi sukhi zindagi mein bahaar aa gayi yeh post padh ke *shy smile like a fresh dewy madhubala in chalti ka naam gadi* "Aaj madhosh hua jaaye re, mera mann raise to three...Bina hi baat muskuraye re... (you get the point)

It feels great knowing that there are people out there who actually can see sense and feel my passion for life through all the clouds of craziness on this blog. This blog is truly an opinionated place, the only place where my opinions rule, the only place where I can offer the whackiest solutions without being asked, and perhaps the only place where I won't be judged for what I truly am...so thank you once again for this wonderful award... ( I am almost thinking of taking that contract that ajay devgan gave me for writing his filmfare awards speech, acha hua nahi sign kiya, he would never have used it anyway...weirdo).

So, while I pack my imaginary bags and get ready to disappear once again for a while, past few weeks mein life ka bulletin yeh hai

1. I discovered the joys of "aunt" hood...ab mother hood ho sakta hai to aunt hood kyu nahi?

Also discovered a few other random and surprising things like

2. Even a human being who is less than one hour old (yes, ~ 60 minutes old) has a personality all his own. When I held him for the first time, I probably went a little too near the window and he sneezed--loud and clear- and then twitched his nose AND frowned to show disapproval of the inexperienced "holder"-- all this within a few seconds. My conclusion: Respect every individual whether this person is a 100 minutes old or a 100 years. Age, status, or gender has nothing to do with respect.

The other conclusion?

Every person needs their space-- even someone who is 16 days old. Let me explain. The same little person as referenced above was crowded by 11 over enthusiastic chachi's, mami's and mama's (for non-indians, chachis, mamis, mamas are an assortment of aunts and uncles related in a thousand different ways) with sounds of "how cute", "look at the cleft on his chin, hayyyyyy kitnaaa sweet hai". He tolerated it for a total of about five minutes and then he wailed so loud, the 11 voices fell short. So there. Give everyone space. Yes! even a 16 day old little person deserves it :)

3. This summer I grew my very own tomatoes (just waiting for them to ripen a li'l more and then I will make the tastiest bruschetta ever... I also have the prettiest little yellow roses in town :-) This IS an achievement considering what one of my friend's mom told me a few years ago, "You have a big brown thumb, no wonder flowers are wiped off from the face of the garden you tread upon"...while you think about that comment (BTW, it came from a 40 year old to a 14 year old), I'm going to make some arrangements to parcel the bruschetta 8000 miles over to M aunty for her supper next Sunday ;) *evil grin*

here's some other tidbits about my upcoming escapades.

I am off again on one of my "fultu relaxation and waking up late" trips, this time I am going here ... will disappear again for a while, but it's all for good...go enjoy the summer yourself and I am going to pack my bags for real now.

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